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Table for 3, please

[Edit: the Kate Spade Wellesley is no longer hard to get. It is currently in production and comes in various colors at the Kate Spade outlets. Still a great unicorn!]

According to the ever growing planner community, a “Unicorn” is basically the ultimate planner. It varies from each person, but consists of highly sought out features. Whether it’s out of one’s budget, only sold in certain countries or is discontinued, the planner is also harder to come by (hence the Unicorn part). One popular Unicorn is the elusive Kate Spade Wellesley zip around planner. I once owned it, loved it, and later found it did not work out for me so I sold it to another person who was looking for that same planner. Look up the hashtags #plannernerd, #plannerlove or #planneraddict on Instagram for a sea of creative planning and organizing. Who knew these communities even existed, right?

Unicorn agendas

The Unicorn agendas and a Sloane Ranger pencil case

My current three Unicorn’s are: the monogram mat MM by Louis Vuitton, the Damier Ebene PM by Louis Vuitton, and the original nude A5 by Filofax. All three of my Unicorns were pre-loved and purchased online. When I got into decorative planning, I started out with one agenda and always wondered “Why would someone own more than one?” Well, it turns out there are plenty of people out there with large, beautiful collections, but I am content with my three. I have reached what people refer to as “planner peace.” Phew. I chose these for their sizes (large, medium, small), the quality in their brands and the classic colors to match any handbag I chose to pair them with. While I admire colorful accessories, I tend to opt for classic and chic for the long haul. I do love seeing those fluorescent Filofaxes.

One of the most common questions about owning multiple agendas is what purpose does each of those serve? For me, I use the MM (medium/personal size) most frequently because the size is more user friendly per se. There’s enough space inside for all your papers and extra stationery goodies. The smallest size, the PM/pocket, is used for my wallet. It’s compact size does not allow for much room. The rings are smaller so there is less room for inserts plus credit cards and I use a zip pouch to hold smaller items like change or loose papers. I have heard of many people not being able to use the pocket size because of it’s limited space, but it is working out for me so far. The large size, the A5, posed the most difficulty for me to use. I know of people using theirs for weekly/monthly planning or journal writing. The binder and rings are larger over all so I recently chose to use mine for study notes and weekly inserts.

The group of people who creatively plan continues to grow daily. The growing popularity seems to stem from those who enjoy writing, crafting, and want to remain organized by adding a little fun to it. The other solution to organizing is the digital form like with smartphone apps. There are an abundance of applications out there to help you stay organized and productive like Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, Google Drive and others. I enjoy using my iPhone notes and reminders, but still choose to write notes on paper. There is something satisfying about crossing or checking off a list with a pen and not having an app do it for you. Please let me know if you are apart of the “planner community” and if it actually helps with keeping you organized. I fully support the idea of panda bear sticky notes helping with personal motivation and productivity.

Happy planning!




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