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To Pre-Love or Not to Pre-love?

Like many people, I am a fan of new and prettily packaged things, but sometimes that’s not the best option. This is the case for anything discontinued like rare agendas. I am also not opposed to buying pre-loved agendas. The main reasons being the price is usually less (not always), and it has already been broken in. I understand being hesitant to use a brand new agenda because you want to be careful not to damage it, but what is the point of having it if you’re afraid to use it?

(T-B) PM LV Damier Ebene, MM LV Monogram Mat, A5 Filofax nude with two Rilakkuma pencil pouches.

(T-B) PM LV Damier Ebene, MM LV Monogram Mat, A5 Filofax nude with two Rilakkuma pencil pouches.

That is why I like them “broken in” and I can use them at ease. Especially with the laying flat issue with newer agendas. They don’t always bend/lay so nicely in the beginning. As far as the concern of authenticity when purchasing second-hand, I say do your homework. Get clear photos, know what authentic ones look like, ask the seller questions and look at their seller feedback. There are even websites that will authenticate for you. All three of my agendas are pre-loved from eBay sellers.

My favorite of the three is the MM monogram mat. The monogram mat is in good condition with some creasing on the spine and strap closure from use over the years. The binder rings are tight and don’t wiggle on the spine. I don’t mind the any of the imperfections otherwise I would have purchased a new agenda. Unfortunately, the monogram mat is discontinued.

MM LV Monogram mat in  charcoal grey, medium/personal size

MM LV Monogram Mat in charcoal grey, medium/personal size.

I see the flaws as part of it’s character and charm. However, it would bother me if it were damaged beyond repair or dirty/stained. In this case, the MM only has bends and creases from normal use. Everything else is tight and still in tact. I don’t feel as bad when I schlep it around my house or toss in and out of my bags. I don’t feel the need to keep it in a protected pouch, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t take care of it. It comes down to your personal preference of new or used, and what you are comfortable purchasing.

On an ending note, I would suggest joining planner groups online to get more information on your search. There are plenty on Facebook, but my favorite is the Louis Vuitton Planner Party. These gals/guys have an array of knowledge for all types of LV agendas and share creative tips on uses for new and pre-loved. I have found the group members to be friendly and insightful while adding a touch of style to the organizing world.

Do you own new or pre-loved agenda(s)? What are your personal preferences and why did you choose new or used? Comments are appreciated to further discuss this topic.




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