Hello world! 

Wow it’s been forever!  I completely forgot I started a blog and life got busy. I am going to make a point to update more often and have decided to dedicate posts towards beauty and fashion. I will try to update with coding goodies when I can.

“Hello world” is the first thing you learn to output as a coder/developer. It reminds me of when I first started coding and how I was so excited to learn something new. I need to start back up again. I finished my Web Applications Developer certification from Cal Poly over the summer. Yay! Life has been busy ever since then and things are still good. So there’s a quick life update and more will come soon.

I will now leave you with a photo of my new lovely pieces added recently to my collection. This is a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere in size 30 and Valentino Rockstud flats in black and nude trim. The Speedy 30 is the largest bag I use daily and this is made possible by the shoulder strap. I found Speedys difficult to use by only the arm straps. The Valentino flats are very comfy to wear. I’m glad I went with the flats for my first pair. I admire the heels, but can’t wear those daily. This is my typical work attire, jeans, cute top and work bag. I’d love to see your work outfit! I post more outfits here on Instagram, but will also do so on my blog. Cheers!


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