The Day After National Handbag Day

I am a self proclaimed bag lady. It doesn’t sound pretty, but oh it is. I can’t tell you how many I’ve owned. I’ve been slinging bags for years. They come and go so quickly I should just use a rental service. I even once owned my “holy grail” bag and let it go! That bag is the Mulberry Lily in blush pink.

I found the Lily preloved on eBay from a personal seller. I posted the photo above on Instagram and the Marc Jacobs IG team liked my photo. It then got a ton of attention and blew up my feed. Oh and the shoes! They deserve a post on their own. They are Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty French Bulldog loafers. They get plenty of attention with every wear. I don’t wear them much because they are a light beige   suede.

I can’t explain the beauty behind the Lily if you don’t understand the love behind Mulberry. Their work is exquisite. The quality is amazing and the look is what I love. Mulberry is classic, simple and refined. I loved the Lily so much I took it on a full day to Disney World. I let the bag go after a couple months because I wanted the money back for a reason that escapes me.

BUT, of course months down the road I found a similar Lily that now lives at my house. Such a beauty. My heart is full of Lily love again. 🙂

This is the first patent leather bag I have ever owned and loved. I typically sneer at patent because it’s shiny and not soft. This wrinkly patent pink won me over and I adore the rose gold hardware. That alone is to die. So this is holy grail bag number 2 in wrinkly patent pink. What is your holy grail bag? One you’ve been lusting ages over, a little unattainable, something you dream about? My next one may be a Givenchy or YSL. Hopefully not too soon so I can enjoy my current bags. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers! xo r.


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