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Foxy Fix Unboxing & Set Up

Hello again! This is my first agenda unboxing/set up post and I hope you enjoy it. This is my second travelers notebook and I decided to go with a company from Idaho called Foxy Fix. They are a notebook company that hand crafts beautiful leather notebooks and accessories. Their brand has grown in the planner community and is well versed for travelers notebook users. Your item comes nicely packaged in a box and a small draw string bag.

I ordered a Bay Couture in size No. 1. It fits inserts size 3.4″ x 4.9″. I ordered mine with pockets, pink elastic bands and it comes with a pen loop. The leather feels smooth and thick. This may sound odd, but I also like the smell of it. Depending on the size and add-on’s, the prices will vary for each notebook. I personally like small agendas because they are portable and I can use it as a wallet. My Foxy Fix came with the agenda, an extra elastic band, business cards and a leather sample. One thing to note, the Bay Couture’s can take up to 2-4 weeks to ship. Mine took 4 weeks so keep that in mind when placing an order.

These are the notebooks I am going to set up my Foxy Fix with. I purchased my inserts from two Etsy sellers: Frasizzle Made and Yellow Paper House. I highly recommend both shops if you are looking for printed inserts. You can print your own, but I like mine made by someone else. I also have a floral folder, 2 plastic dashboards and  I ordered a clear dashboard from Foxy Fix.

Here is what it looks like with the inserts and dashboards inside. It’s a little chunky, but I like that look. Mine can fit 4 inserts with the 4 elastic bands.

Here’s a glimpse of the inserts so you get an idea of what it looks like. I really love the coloring book by Yellow Paper House. I think it’s such a cute idea in case you have time to kill and want to do some coloring in an airport or such. I also bought my week on two pages as a vertical and horizontal set up. I wasn’t sure which one I’d like better so I got both. My month on two page view is the first insert.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Foxy Fix set up. Please let me know which company you like for travelers notebooks or your experience with Foxy Fix. I’d love to order more from them in the future. Cheers! r.


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