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Louis Vuitton Unboxing

Hooray for happy mail! This unboxing is from an online order with Louis Vuitton. This item has been sold out for months. I keep checking the website to see if it is in stock and finally I saw I could add it to my cart. It was quick to order and shipped via UPS. It came in an unmarked box like this. The outside of the box does not say Louis Vuitton.

I am getting use to the new orange color for their packaging. It’s not my favorite since the brown is iconic and around for many years. My package came with the box, a dust bag, an orange Louis Vuitton envelope containing a thank you card, return voucher card and receipt.

So here is what’s inside! Tada! It’s a mini pochette with the Transatlantic cruise print in the monogram style. I love the details and colors of the Transatlantic line. The pink gives the typical brown monogram a nice pop of color. You can find the mini pochettes online, but because they are sold out they are marked up quite a bit. You can find them on ebay for over $500. I would rather wait for a new one than pay more for a used one. It measures 5.5″L x 3.5″H x 0.8″W. I decided on the mini pochette because I like clutches and will use it as my wallet in my Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere. I do not own any regular size wallets. I love a compact wallet or clutch for  quick trips to the store or to carry at work.

Here is what fits inside the mini pochette: LV Cles, car and home keys, 2 lip glosses, 1 lip balm, 1 pen and not pictured is my iPhone 6S that also fits inside. Overall I am impressed with the amount of items you can fit into this little pouch. It expands and can hold quite a bit. The chain feels like it can handle the weight. I am going to look into a crossbody chain to hook to the ends so I can wear it as a crossbody like I have seen some people do.

I also carry a Mulberry Lily in the regular size pictured here. I have added a photo to show you the size of the mini pochette inside a purse. It fits nicely with my Foxy Fix notebook. There’s even room on the sides for more items. My Lily bag can fit quite a bit for a small purse. It’s all about making the most of the space you have in these smaller bags!

What are your thoughts on the mini pochette? Do you own one? Like or dislike and why? What are some of your favorite SLG’s (small leather goods)? Please let me know what you think or  do share any of your favorite Louis Vuitton purchases. So far I am very pleased with my purchase of the mini pochette and hope to use it daily as my go to wallet. Thanks for reading! Cheers, r.



3 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Unboxing

  1. This was a perfect review!! So it will be my next item that I will add to my LV collection of slg:s. Thank you for recommending your blogpost, it’s amazing how much the mini pochette can hold :D!

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