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Black Friday: ColourPop Reveal

One of my Black Friday splurges came from ColourPop! I have heard many good things about this company and wanted to give them a try. The prices and colors were too good to pass up. They are also located 3 hours south of me so shipping was crazy quick.

Here’s a glimpse of the box I received. Nicely packaged and securely packed. Even the box is pretty!

The package came with a tips and tricks booklet, which is pretty neat. It gives you tips on how to apply each product. There’s also a cute thank you card handwritten by a kid. This one is from Mia, how precious!

Here’s what I ordered: a Hello Kitty makeup bag, Persuade Me nude Lippie Stix full size set, Hello Kitty Lippie Stix in Let’s Play and Konichiwa, Hello Kitty ultra glossy lip in Super Cute and the mini ultra matte lip collection called The Good Times.

ColourPop did a collaboration with Hello Kitty so I grabbed some of their products before they sold out. Collabs are typically limited edition so I snagged a few items. The first is a Hello Kitty makeup bag. It’s pretty spacious and says ColourPop x Hello Kitty on the outside. Too kawaii!

I got two Lippie Stix from the collab. The colors are Konichiwa (mid pink berry tone) and Let’s Play (glittery light red). Both glide on nicely and the red leaves a glittery shimmer. I also love the packaging on the HK collab.

The last Hello Kitty product I got is the ultra glossy lip in Super Cute. It is very glossy with a hint of pink with metallic glitter in the gloss.  It’s fun to wear over your lipstick and adds a glittery shine to your lips. The packaging is also very cute.

The next set I got is the mini ultra matte lip collection called The Good Times. I will be honest and say I was disappointed when I saw how small the set is. These mini’s are the size of samples. I was hoping for larger products, not full size, but also not this micro. I’m bummed the product won’t last as long since they’re so small. The good news is they will easily fit in your clutch and they wear well. The colors are matte and stay on your lips. I love the pigment and even like the magenta shade, which I typically would never wear. Great colors, disappointing size. I will not be purchasing any mini’s in the future.

The last set I got is a nude set called Persuede Me in full size Lippie Stix. It comes with 6 full size lip sticks. This set was a great score for the price, size and the box that holds the lippie stix has a mirror. Very cool. I have used a couple colors and they are awesome. It goes on matte, is pigmented and stays on. I did have to reapply after eating. I love the light and darker shades. There’s a burnt red color called Ziggie that reminds me of the Kylie matte lip called Ginger, which I love. I’m very happy with this set and highly recommend it to others.

Overall, I’m happy with everything I ordered except for the size of the mini matte set. For the price, the products are worth it and wear nicely on your lips. The colors are also pretty to wear. I saw some eyeshadow and highlighters, but I didn’t order any. Let me know what you like about ColourPop or if you recommend any colors/products. Let me know what you got on Black Friday 🙂

xo r


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