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2016 Planner Collection 

It’s New Year’s Eve and I added a couple planners just under the wire. How many does one even need? You’re asking the wrong question. The correct question is “what purpose does each serve?” Ask and you shall receive! Here’s my collection and what I use them for.

The first two are the most popular size, the personal size planners. I recently added the Louis Vuitton MM in damier ebene as an investment piece. It’s stylish and classic. The other is a Webster’s Pages Color Crush I use to hold my excess inserts and dashboard. The LV will be used for home and work. It’s also a good size for my purse.

The next two are my pocket size planners by Foxy Fix and Louis Vuitton in PM size. I have been using the Foxy Fix traveler’s notebook for home and work. It’s very portable and fits in any bag. I love the leather and quality. The LV PM I use as a wallet. I do have inserts in there, but the sections are so small that it’s hard to write a full schedule inside. I mostly use it for notes and addresses.

The next two are my spirals, one from Recollections which I got at Michael’s. The other is by Erin Condren. I have not used the Recollections yet as it is dated for 2017. The EC I have used mostly for work notes. Because of the larger size I keep spirals at home as a desktop planner. They have a lot of space for writing and decorating. The Cozy Girl EC cover was made by Pumpkin Paper Co on Etsy.

My last planner is my only A5, which I also recently purchased. It is by Kikki K in the Vanskap style with the cats. It is currently discontinued so I found it on Instagram. It is so cute and came with adorable notepads and inserts. The large size will be good for my work schedule. I may keep it at work to use daily.

And there you have it! That’s my whole collection and I’m sure I’ll be adding or swapping some next year. I don’t use them all at once. Probably two at once and I like to switch them up. I like that they all serve a purpose and I have a reason to keep them around. If they’re not in use I will sell them. I’d love to see your collections. Please let me know what’s your favorite planner or tag me on Instagram!

Until next time, I hope you had a wonderful year and next year is even more prosperous and joyful.




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