Let’s Talk about Flats

Hey there! Let’s start off with how short I am. Super shorty! I am also a girl who lives in flats. I can be seen in heels at weddings with a pair of flats on standby. I don’t mind wearing flats as a short person because I choose comfort over appearing taller. I do love the look of heels, but they’re not functional for my daily life. Wearing flats doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice stylish shoes. Here is my list of the flats I own, what’s my favorite and my least favorite pair. Prices range from high end to a pair I got at TJ Maxx. They are listed in no order, but I will give personal experiences with each style and brand. All the photos are of me wearing each style.

See by Chloé bow flats – I love this pair of flats, but they’re not my favorite. I love the bow on top, the rounded toe to accommodate my slightly wide feet and the ruched style. I absolutely love the ruched ballet style flat (where it gets a slight curve in the middle of the shoe). The leather is soft and the shoe has a bend that makes them comfortable to wear. My feet start to get sore at the end of the work day from wearing these. They are probably my second favorite pair of flats that I currently own. I feel they fit true to size.


Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats – This style and brand is very popular in the flats world. They are simple and classic to the Tory Burch brand. They’ve been seen on plenty of celebrities and I can see the appeal. I like that they come in several colors and textures, but I chose the black with the gold logo plate on the toe. I also like the ruched heel so it stretches a bit in the back. As for overall comfort, I give it it a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. Only because my toes are a little wide and the toe feels snug after wearing them for a long time. I bet they fit and feel perfect on narrow feet. I got these half a size up and glad I did. They would feel tight if I wore them in my actual size. The large logo plate also does get scratched up from normal wear.


Michael Kors Fulton Moc flats – I got this pair specifically for work. It has a saffiano texture, silver logo plate on the toe, square toe and a rubber grip sole. I had to break them in to feel comfortable in the toe and heel. After about a week of wear they stretched out and feel better on my feet. So far I wear them pretty regularly to work and they feel fine. They’re not the cutest pair I own, but they get the job done. I wear them true to size.


Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Flats – I think I got this pair for my work promotion and they are on the pricy side for flats. I chose the patent glossy black color with the nude trim. I debated getting the heels, but like I said earlier I rarely wear heels. They heels do look amazing with dresses or jeans. I love the strappy nude color Rockstud heels. Before buying this pair, I wanted them to be worth the money and I wear flats daily so it made sense to get the flats. They are fun to wear to add a bit of edge and style to your outfit. They do run small so I got a half a size up and they definitely fit well. If you have wide feet, they might be a tight fit so keep that in mind. I wear them for dates, dinners and sometimes to work, but I lean towards my other flats for daily wear. I do enjoy having them in my collection as a fancier pair of flats for the right occasion. Are they worth the price tag? Yes if you plan on wearing them enough to make it worth it. No if they’ll sit in your closet collecting dust.


Marc By Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats – This is my all time favorite pair! They are made of soft leather, ruched style and have the cutest mouse features on the top of the shoe. I wear them everywhere and receive many comments on them. They are so comfortable and cute, it’s just a win win combination. They are an older style so a little hard to find in this black leather style, but they still have similar styles and colors online. There’s some on eBay, Polyvore or Tradesy. You just have to do some research to find the pair you like. I wear them a half size up and they fit perfectly. I have nothing but positive things to say about this shoe so if you find a pair, give them a shot!


Lucky Brand Emmie Flats – I found this pair at TJ Maxx and immediately loved the soft leather. They fit true to size and didn’t need to be broken in. Very comfortable to wear with a rubber sole. My only issue with this style is the noticible wear I saw on the exterior. The leather would rub and you can see the color start to come off. They started to look worn after a few months of normal wear. I would keep buying these shoes if it weren’t for that issue, but I don’t like my shoes to lose their color around the toes and heels when they’ve only been worn for a few months. You can see in the photo how the top left shoe is a little faded from wear.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty Dog Loafers – The last pair is the most requested pair of shoes I own. They get so many questions and awwww’s. They have a suede exterior so it’s harder to wear the light color daily. The interior is a soft satin and the sole is made of rubber. They have the cutest Frenchie face in the front and they are a delight to wear. They are sold out in a lot of stores, but you can still find them online.

So that’s my ever growing list for now. Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these or recommend any other pairs. I really want to try Tieks next. I hear they are super comfortable, but they’re pretty spendy for simple leather flats. Let me know your thoughts and I hope this list has been helpful.




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