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Mini Kanken Review + What’s In My Bag 

Happy early Valentine’s Day! I recently added an adorable mini backpack to my collection that is a perfect pink shade for Valentine’s Day. It is the Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack. There is a large version called the Classic and it comes in different colors, but I wanted the mini to carry with me daily. 

The Kanken backpack was designed for Swedish school children in 1978 to reduce back pain while carrying school books. The bags are known for their durability, functionality and quality design for the outdoors. They are used by students, traveler’s and anyone who wants a durable outdoor bag. Kanken offers several styles and different types of bags. The mini backpack is my first Kanken and I can see why it is highly coveted. I jazzed mine up with some enamel pins in the front next to the logo. 

The first thing I noticed when touching the bag is the material. It is made of vinylon-F fabric that feels rough like a rain jacket. The fabric is water resistant and highly durable. The fabric does soften with age and the fabric fibers tighten to continue the durability of the bag. It’s a tough, outdoor bag so don’t expect some soft leather type material. 

The mini Kanken is approximately 7.87″L, 5.12″W, 11.42″H. The corners give it a square shape, it has two top handles with a small strap that snaps the handles together and two back adjustable straps to wear as a backpack. There’s a small front pocket in the outside and two open side pockets on each side of the backpack. The side pockets are not wide enough to fit a water bottle, but it does fit my iPhone 6S. The side pockets are a slim, tight fit. 

Another distinct detail about the bag is the way it opens. There are two zippers that open it very wide like a camera bag. Most backpacks open about 1/4 of the way. This opens like 2/3 of the way, which I like. Because of this reason, I think it would make a great camera bag except you would need more padding for it. The inside is very spacious and there is a back pocket and a label to write your info on it. 

Now for the WIMB (what’s in my bag) part. Here is what I keep inside my mini Kanken:

  • Louis Vuitton MM agenda (personal size)
  • Louis Vuitton mini pochette
  • My Other Bag pouch 
  • Foxy Fix pocket size traveler’s notebook
  • Mini backpack pouch or a small 9oz S’well bottle (I can fit one or the other in there)
  • I keep my keys in the outside front pocket and phone in the side pocket. 

As you can see, the mini Kanken can hold quite a bit. It’s all about making use of the space you have. I highly recommend this size and brand if you’re looking for a functional and stylish backpack. They come in several fun colors, styles and bag types. Check out the Fjallraven website for all their styles. Let me know what you think or if you’re into other mini backpacks. I’d love to hear what’s good. 




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