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My Favorite Worn Accessory – Hobo Lauren Clutch Wallet 

Hello again! I titled this post as a “worn accessory” because it’s one of my older pieces that shows wear from use and still looks so lovely as when I first got it. Okay, it doesn’t look perfect, but this piece has remained popular over time and here’s my personal review on it. It is the Hobo Lauren Clutch Wallet. I have the classic black wallet with the silver hardware. 

Most of my wallets are mini sizes or card holders. I’m not even a regular size wallet fan really, but this clutch made me a fan of a large wallet. I’m not sure when this Hobo style first came out, but I have known about the clutch for about 9-10 years and the popularity has remained constant. Hobo makes leather wallets and handbags of various styles and colors. The only flaw I have heard of the Lauren wallet is the clasp breaking (no longer closing). I have owned my wallet for almost 3 years and I love the worn, soft leather. It shows some wrinkles and color fading, but I think it adds charm to the wallet. There’s leather and patent leather, which will show some wear over time. Here are some photos of my wallet after a few years of use. 

There’s a large pocket opening in the interior. It opens up to the entire size of the wallet! I honestly don’t know what to keep in that pocket so I rarely use it. I love all the zipper pockets in the Lauren wallet. It helps to keep everything organized and separated. There are two sides that close with a kiss-lock clasp. The two sides are then closed by a large magnetic closure. There are 6 credit card pockets on one side and 1 zipper pocket on each side of the clutch. Then when you open up the middle of the clutch there’s the large zipper pocket, a clear pocket for an ID and 3 more credit card pockets. 

Overall the wallet is roomy and large. The leather becomes soft over time. You can put a pen in the pockets, hair ties and other small items. It works great as a clutch to carry around for errands or an evening accessory. Mine is still fully functioning. All the zippers work, the kiss-lock clasp, the magnetic center closure work and there is no tear in the leather or the fabric lining. I would recommend this style if you like larger clutches and spacious wallets. Hobo makes other styles including smaller wallets that are tri-fold and bi-fold. I do love the colorful options, but I like the black for a simple and classic look. Let me know if you’re a Hobo fan or what you love for a timeless and quality wallet. What’s your favorite wallet of all time? 




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