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My Current Favorites – February 2017 

Hello again! This is my first collection of my current favorites! I thought I’d start with just a few core items that included my current go-to bag, cosmetics and fun accessory. I’ll mix it up in future favorite posts.  Let me know what you want to see! Here’s a photo collage and a small personal review of each item going clockwise.

1. I love this Kanken mini backpack by Fjallraven so much that it has it’s own blogpost right here. Please see my post for a full review, photos and a WIMB (what’s in my bag). You’ll see just how much I adore it.

2. Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection palette by Too Faced – This is my second eye shadow palette by Too Faced and I do love it. The color selections, the pigmentation and it even smells delicious. It goes on my eye lids smooth and I use it with my favorite eye primer also by Too Faced, Shadow Insurance Primer. I highly recommend it if you like the color selection and a beautiful pop of peach hues on your eyes. I hope to try more products from the Sweet Peach collection. 

3. Towne 9 Born Annoyed enamel pin – I have a small collection of enamel pins and boy are they addicting. You go from collection 2 to 20 pretty quickly. There are so many to choose from, but this one had an air of sassy charm that I couldn’t pass up. It’s 1″, pink and true when I’m in a mood. Towne 9 also has a ton more pins for all your feels, key chains, canvas pouches and an array of pleasing accessories. I see a bunch more cat pins I need to add to my collection as we speak.

4. It’s Skin Cookie & Body Ice Cream – I have this cream in mint and strawberry and it smells so so so delicious. It even looks like chocolate chips in the cream. I keep it at work and home for my dry hands. It goes on soft, smooth, not greasy and keeps my hands moist. The only problem is the tub isn’t bigger and I wish there were more scents or “flavors.”

5. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme – I am a fan of lip plumping glosses. I have tried the original Too Faced Lip Injection and from there I wanted more! Sign me up for that major tingle on  my lips and plumpy moist pout. It does feel very tingly so be aware of that if you’re sensitive about the sensation. I personally love it. I think it does give you a plump look and I put it on throughout the day. It’s a lip gloss and plumper in one. Sold!

6. Dior Lip Addict Color Revival Balm – I typically don’t buy lip balms that are $30, but if you’re looking for a little splurge then this is a nice treat. I have the color pink and it enhances your natural lip color, keeps them moisturized and has SPF 10. It feels really good on, my lips don’t peel and it stays moist for a while. I have a lot of drug store lip balms that I love including Burt’s Bees, EOS and Alba Botanica Hawaii. I also have the Dior Lip Maximizer lip plumper gloss if you’re looking for a fancy gloss that plumps your lips. Yes, I am obsessed with lip plumpers. 🙂

Well that wraps it up for my first Favorites Collection for February. Please let me know if you love any of these items or want more information. I’d also love to hear other lip plumper suggestions from you or anything else from your favorites collection you’d like to share.




2 thoughts on “My Current Favorites – February 2017 

  1. I love your faves!!! I am sold on that too faced pallets!!! Everything is too darn cute just like you!! I can’t wait to see what you will have next month!

    Liked by 1 person

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