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Kittens who plan

Hello again! One piece of my life I haven’t formally introduced on the blog is a Facebook group I started about 2 years ago called “Kittens who plan.” It is exactly what it sounds like: cats and planners. It got started through a much larger FB planner group (Planners Gone Wild). It was just me and a few other “cat ladies” sharing photos of cats and planners. In case you were wondering, yes, there is a huge community of decorative planner folks. All sorts of creative types sharing a common interest in staying organized and making it fun by decorating their planner pages. I will explain more in detail in a different post. That is what we call the Planner World. 

Back to the cats, KWP quickly grew into a few hundred people then we hit over 2,000 earlier this year. There are several cat groups online, but who knew our planner cat group would attract this many people? What I enjoy most about the group is the support and kindness the members show each other. We share adoption stories, loss of beloved family pets, highs and lows of being a pet owner. Pets bring love and light into our life and we mourn together when one is lost. We empathize, laugh, share personal stories and tons of photos to keep people smiling daily. We try to keep the group positive and helpful for those who seek answers about general cat questions. I like to think the group is unique in that we share a common interest in cats/pets and our planning hobby. 

I even had the chance to meet a few members in person. Every planner person I have met in person has been such a delight.  I think the ultimate goal of the group is to provide a space for people with similar interests to share their experiences. Cats are funny creatures with all types of personalities. I can’t say if I’m a cat or dog person because I love and have both. I’m just an animal person who wants to adopt them all. 

Feel free to join our group! You don’t have to own a cat, but it’s probably nice to be interested in them and/or planners. Here is the group link. We also have an Instagram account. And we just got glossy coated vinyl stickers to show your KWP love! Etsy link here. I think that may be it for KWP social media. 

One last shoutout to all our members. The group would not be what it is without everyone who actively shows the love, the funny photos, the ridiculous memes and stories that resonate with the rest of us. It has been so fun to be in the company of an awesome group like this one. ❤



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